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I am a medievalist and an adjunct college instructor in the humanities at Union College. My research includes medieval theologies of history, text/image relationships in visionary and mystical texts, and the writings of the twelfth-century Doctor of the Church, St. Hildegard of Bingen. I am also a translator of medieval Latin and German texts, especially as relate to my research. My translation of Hildegard's Book of Divine Works is available from Catholic University of America Press here. I completed a Master's in Medieval Studies at the University of Notre Dame in 2010, a Fulbright Fellowship in Germany in 2008, and a B.A. in Classics and German at Boston College in 2007.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mensa Mea In Bibliotheca (Mea?)

I know that I haven't updated in a long time - in a really long time, in fact. I apologize for that, but events have conspired to leave me with literally no time to post. These events include but are not limited to: classwork (and far too much reading); extracurriculars (the most time consuming of late being The Observer and covering for it the extraordinary events of our time, e.g. the rise of racial tensions at Boston College sparked by an alleged "hateful incident" the night of the Virginia Tech football game, and racking my brain to come up with a solution to this terrible problem); and that omnipresent leviathan, my senior thesis, which could, if given the chance, consume every waking moment of my existence.

As some have asked, I have included with this a post a picture of my table in the Honors Library. For those of you who don't know, some say that I live in the Jenks Honors Library of Gasson Hall. It is true: I spend most of my time at this table, for I find the library's environment more conducive to studying than my dorm room - it has become rather like my "base of operations" if you will. Because the Honors Library is a private library of the Honors Program, it never closes, and, provided you get into Gasson Hall before they lock its doors at about 11:00 pm, you can stay all night if you'd like. I've adopted this table as my own, and in this photo, you see it decked out as it is often is when I'm working on my thesis. You'll note that the two shelves in the cases above it also contain my notebooks and books - because I have so many books and materials, it's far more economical just to reserve those shelves to my use than to lug all of it to and from campus every day.

I hope to have more thoughts of a more substantial nature to post this weekend - but don't take that as a promise :-)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us where you "live" most of the time.